The Write Stuff: Learn the Different Copywriting Materials You Will Write

This part of the course takes you to the most common types of content that you will write for clients. Since most clients are either affiliate marketers or bloggers, there are recurring types of web content that you have to master.

Here are the things you will learn:


Learn how to write a blog for clients the right way. This includes samples. You will also learn what a blog post is at the core.

Book Intro

There are clients who wrote a book, and yet they need someone to write the introduction for them. Here, you will learn how to write not just an acknowledgement, but a foreword that will help clients motivate their buyers to read on.

Non-fiction eBooks

I will teach you how to write non-fiction eBooks and what they are used for. From the copyright page to formatting, you will learn everything. I will also show you how to create a structure for your eBook.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are sales pages, and there is a proper approach to writing an effective one. I will show you how it is done, and what best practices you can implement to become a better copywriter for landing pages.


Listicles are a type of article where you present several items of interest. It is something that many affiliate marketers do, and you can help them improve their sales if you write it the right way.

How-to Articles

These are articles that are instructional in nature. They tell the reader how to use something—they are guides that many product creators need to convince their target audience to make a purchase.


HARO stands for help-a-reporter out. It is a process where your clients, the bloggers, and journalists, help each other. There is a proper way to write these materials, as your goal is to get backlinks.

Tools I Recommend

Here, I will show you some tools that help me check the quality of my work—from grammar to originality, I will show you the best ones that I use.

By the end of this module, you should be ready to choose which one you want to specialize in and start looking for clients!

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