The Write Gig: Learn Where to Find Clients and Win Them

Where do you find clients? And more importantly, how do you win them?

In this module, I will show you the five best online marketplaces and job boards where I look for clients. Apart from that. You will learn how to bid the right and improve your likelihood of closing a writing deal.

Here are the things you will learn:

Bidding Sites Intro

Here, I will teach you what bidding sites are and how they work. You will understand their purpose, and why they are important in your career as a freelance writer.

Bidding Sites vs JobBoards

There are key differences between bidding sites and job boards. Knowing these differences will allow you to use your time wisely, and also set your expectations.

What is an Escrow Service?

An escrow service is a payment system. Understanding how it works will allow you to manage your finances.

Pros and Cons of Bidding Sites

Bidding sites and job boards are not perfect. They serve different markets, and you have to be able to adjust your expectations when using them.

Bidding Sites

This is the lesson where I will show you the only five bidding sites that I use. Do not waste your time with scammy sites. Learn from my decade of experience—only bid in sites that are safe and those that offer a lot of jobs!

You will also learn how to create a bidding template that improves your likelihood of getting hired. Plus, I will show you how to build a simple WordPress portfolio where your potential clients could see your writing prowess!

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The Write Gig

Learn How to Find Jobs, Bid to Win, Get Paid, and Build Your Portfolio

Learn How to Find Jobs, Bid to Win, Get Paid, and Build Your Portfolio

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